Wool and felting projects

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Screen time can feel like a big problem to fight at the moment, so instead of forcing a rainy walk, why not try a new tack? Getting to grips with wool and felting projects can be a great way to switch things up and try something new.

Here are some fun ideas, which don’t require any expertise or too much time! We stock different felting tools, so you can decide which is best for you. We also have lots of different wool top options, in some lovely colours.

Getting started: tools for felting

There are some options here, and if you decide to try felting with kids, plastic felting tools are ideal – the protective plastic cover prevents any needles from being exposed to skin. If you decide to do some felting for a bit of ‘me time’, beginners can start with a felting pen, which we also stock.

With kids: felt Easter chicks

Follow Oranda & Panda’s tutorial to create a needle felted chicklet!

There’s a really simple tutorial here: kids can do the less fiddly bits, and you can finish the smaller parts yourself. We have some lovely yellow wool tops here – and a range of felting tools so you can get started.

For you: key chains

Wool and felting projects.
Follow Minicharms tutorial to create a needle felted key chain

Grab some flowery ribbon from us, and some pastel-coloured wool tops, and follow this tutorial for a sweet addition to your keys! Use one of our felting needles, like the lady in the video.

For friends and family: a pocket hug

Take a look at Laura Howard’s Bugs & Fishes blog post for a pocket hug step-by-step tutorial

Finally, we love the idea of sending a ‘pocket hug’ to someone you miss hugging.

  • Use a heart template, some felt – we stock a mixture of felt rolls, so you can make a few in different colours – and a sewing needle.
  • Trace a heart shape onto tracing paper, and write ‘HUG’ in the centre.
  • hen, cut around the tissue paper heart and pin to the piece of felt. Use any shade of sewing thread to attach the paper to the felt.
  • Embroider the lettering, using a colour that suits the felt but stands out.
  • Next, remove the tacking stitches and cut out the heart shape through the paper and felt.
  • Use your felt heart as a template to cut a second heart shape out of the same colour of felt. Place the two together, and sew around the edge with matching thread. At this point, you can either stuff the heart with scraps of leftover fabric or leave it as it is.
  • There you have it! A hug to send to a loved one.