Waterproof tablecloth fabrics

Vinyl tablecloth fabric, which is also referred to as a PVC tablecloth fabric, offers great value for money. Wipe clean and available in a variety of designs from florals and patterns to eye-catching dots and spots, and neutral options, they can be more versatile than just a tablecloth.

Some of the latest waterproof tablecloth fabrics available from Faye’s Sewing Box

We’ve collated some of our favourite uses below.


Simply measure and cut your chosen material to fit the tabletop, leaving about 10cm all the way around. Arrange the cut piece on your table so the overhang is equal all the way around.

Reboot your chairs:

The method is the same as for the tabletop, but you can add a little foam padding on top of the seat before you wrap your vinyl fabric around it. You can secure underneath using a sticky back, hook and loop velcro.


Add a splash of colour and a practical addition to your shelves. Products with the potential to leak or spill can sit quite happily on the wipe-clean fabric. Use a hot glue gun if this is a permanent fix or if it’s temporary, simply cut and attach with double-sided tape.

Make clearing up child’s play:

Lay the cloth on the floor for messy play, or under high chairs for weaning. There are plenty of other great baby and child-related uses:

DIY Kids Apron
Baby changing pad
Personalised Placemats

Soft furnishings:

Try making cushions or patio pillows – follow a fabric cushion pattern, but remember to use paperclips instead of pins so they don’t leave holes as you measure and cut!

Other ideas:

  • Dress garlands with plastic tablecloth scraps
  • Toiletry bag / Makeup bag / Makeup Brush roll
  • Splash Proof Phone Case
  • Pencil pouch
  • Lunch bag