Pom poms at Christmas

pom pom maker

Pom poms at Christmas are a thing of wonder and a simple tool like a pom pom maker opens up a whole world of festive crafting.

We’ve collected some of our favourite ideas together below – so much pom pom fun to be had. Enjoy!

Faye and team xx

Pom pom Christmas trees and tree decorations

We recently spotted a pom pom Christmas tree in a local garden nursery. Gorgeous but pricey at almost £40, this has inspired us to gather up ideas for homemade versions that are just as appealing but a fraction of the cost.

www.joann.com (based in the US) used 60 small pom poms and 30 extra small pom poms to create this super sweet little tree. All you need is wool, a crafting cone, a pom pom maker, scissors, glue or pins to attach the pom poms, and patience!

pom pom maker pom pom Christmas tree

As an alternative, pom pom decorations are a great choice for tree decorations, www.guiademanualidades.com is home to a lovely tutorial for these bright little pom pom baubles, which use up plastic bottle tops. That feels like a great way to recycle!

pom pom maker

Pom pom Christmas wreaths

And right down the Pinterest rabbit hole we go!  There are endless variations on Christmas wreaths featuring pom poms – click the link to disappear with us.

pom pom maker

pom pom maker

Pom pom Christmas gifts

Giving a homemade gift is such a special gesture, and you can use up spare wool to make some lovely toys and presents.

Perhaps our favourite find is this amazing pattern from Melody’s Makings – how totally adorable is this? Definitely worth getting the needles out along with the pom pom maker.

pom pom maker

A pom pom maker is not just for Christmas

There are endless, year-round projects for you to try. We LOVE this four-page round up of pom pom projects from Life As Mama, it’s virtually impossible to choose a project to start with!

pom pom maker

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