5 Easy Projects Using Muslin

What is the Difference between Cotton & Muslin?

Muslin fabric is made from cotton, but certain forms can also incorporate silk and viscose.  Muslin differs from other cotton weaves used for items like shirts and dresses because it has a much looser, more open weave.

Lightweight and breathable, muslin is a loose plain weave cotton material that dates back to Ancient India.  Today, muslin’s value is in its versatility and it is used in everything from photography backdrops to cooking to surgical procedures.

What is Muslin used for?

Muslin is an extremely versatile fabric used for everything from clothing to science to theatre.  Here are some functions of the fabric.

DRESSMAKING. – Designers use muslin most frequently in sewing and pattern-making to test new patterns.  Even if a different fabric is used to make the prototype, it is still referred to as a “muslin”.

QUILTING. – Muslin fabric is often as the back for a quilt.

HOME DÉCOR. Muslin is used in home décor when a lightweight, sheer fabric is needed to create an airy space, and is used for items like curtains, lightweight bed sheets and towels.

CLEANING. Muslin clothes are popular for multi-use cloths for cleaning everything from the face to the kitchen countertop, as the material can be easily washed and reusing for environmental cleaning purposes.

ARTS. – Muslin holds dye well and is a great option for theatre scrims backdrops, and sets Muslin is light and is a good portable seamless for photographers.

CHEESEMAKING. – At-home cheesemakers pour curdled milk, through a muslin bag to separate the liquid whey from the cheese curd.

Muslin Projects Ideas:

We’ve collated some of our favourite uses below.

Make your own Swaddle blanket

This swaddle blanket is really stretchy and lightweight and The Crafting Chicks show us just how to make it. It’s big and great to feed under too!

Muslin Roses

This is a lovely way to fill your home with flowers in the colder months when cut flowers from the garden aren’t available. And it only costs pennies. The tutorial from One Young Love doesn’t even require sewing, just a glue gun, although a sewn option would work equally well.

Advent Calendar

Can’t wait for Christmas? Neither can we! Count down the days with a homemade Advent calendar. Here’s a simple how-to from Twelve on Main; the numbered muslin bags help create this fresh spin on a seasonal must-have.

Reusable “Paper” Towels

This is a great environmental idea to cut out throwaway items in your home. Melly Sews guides us through this idea.

Great Use of a cookie jar - How to Make Reusable Paper Towels - Use your Fabric Scraps in an Eco Sewing Project - Melly Sews

Gift Bags

These are a quick and lovely way to present simple gifts, such as party bags or as containers for scented-drawer sachets, tea bags etc. No Fuss Natural has an extensive list of ideas for use and an ‘un-technical how-to’ for making them!