Haberdashery making and mending

haberdashery making and mending

If you’ve been here previously, you will know that I am sometimes responsible for dragging you off to discover inspirational projects to try out. I think you could see that time as an investment. You might lose hours in the world of haberdashery making and mending but you will save £s. You’ll also create a wardrobe and home finishes that are far more eco-friendly. And they’ll be uniquely yours.

We’re starting small in this post with some low-cost haberdashery essentials for your making and mending journey. They’re all available in our Kendal haberdashery.

If you want to explore further, head over to Secondo Piano and read Sasha’s inspirational views about DIY and sustainable clothing. Then visit her wardrobe and blog posts – we challenge you not to be instantly converted to homemaking!

Faye x

Haberdashery making and mending essentials

haberdashery making and mending

Best quality pins are a haberdashery must for making alterations and repairs to save the £s.

haberdashery making and mending

Needle threaders are great time savers when you’re making, altering or repairing.

haberdashery making and mending

Extending the lifespan of items is central to the make and mend ethos. This wool comb gets rid of any bobbles on your favourite knitwear so that it looks as good as new.

haberdashery making and mending

You don’t need any making or mending skills to transform items using Dylon dyes. You can breathe new life into household and wardrobe items by dyeing them in the washing machine. I tried this one at home and can highly recommend it – my neutral towels became a splash of Tulip Red and a deep Velvet Black.

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