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One of the best parts of my job is shopping for new fabrics and I can’t tell you how excited I was when I first found this striped cotton duck upholstery fabric, which is the perfect weight for soft furnishings and upholstery projects. Grab your machines and get the curtain header tape at the ready, or pick up some upholstery tacks and give an old piece a new lease of life in an elegant stripe.

Read on for some more cotton duck fabric facts. Happy making!

Faye & team x

Why buy cotton duck upholstery fabric?

Cotton duck fabric is also known as duck cloth or duck canvas and it’s a heavier weight option (typically available in 7oz -18oz) that is ideally suited to curtaining, upholstery, heavy work clothes, or even canvas bags.

It’s a lovely weight of fabric to sew with and versatile in its applications – what’s not to love?

This particular range comes in a choice of classic stripes and colourways. It’s an inexpensive fabric and washes (in the machine no less!) and wears well (durability, tick!).

And, if you’re still wondering, the name duck is not at all associated with the birds, it comes from the Dutch word ‘doek’, which relates to linen canvas.

Cotton duck project ideas

Not sure where to start with your fabric? Here’s a quick selection of project tutorials and some Pinterest inspiration.

Canvas pleated tote bag – The Long Thread
Storage basket (2 sizes) – Emmaline Bags
Curtains – Pinterest
Adjustable unisex apron – Purl Soho

Ready to get started? Pick up your cotton duck fabric now.

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