Baby knits for Spring

Pastels are always a winner in the springtime, and pops of colour on the tiniest members of our families are always super cute.

We have just the thing for baby knits for Spring: our Bambino wool range is 100% acrylic, and comes in soft pastels. It’s ideal for knitting, using 4mm needles or hooks.

Don’t worry, the range is also machine-washable and tumble-drier safe, so you’re safe from any muddy puddles or chocolate incidents.

We found some lovely projects at all knitting levels, so the small people in your life can look adorable and you can have fun making sure they do!

Baby knits for beginners

Follow the YouTube tutorial below to get started on your first baby knit project.

If you are just getting started with knitting, try making a baby hat. These tittle hats are a good place to start since the patterns are so straightforward and simple. This video shows you how to make a quick and easy baby hat. You can mix and your pastels with this one – so cute!

Baby knits for moving up

Knit up this gorgeous blanket following the CandyLou tutorial below.

Feeling a bit more ambitious, or have more time to spend?

We suggest trying your hand at a blanket for the new arrival. This is a really good How-To for a soft and snuggly baby blanket. Just use Bambino wool, in a colour of your choice.  

Baby knits for experienced knitters

Head to our online shop for baby patterns and wool

If you’re a seasoned pro, you can get stuck in making bigger clothing items, like cardigans. There’s lots of inspiration out there, but we love the little touches, like heart-shaped buttons. You can pick your Bambino wool colour, and then have a look at the buttons section of our shop for a lovely personal touch.