Ribbons Galore

Sewing031Ribbons in eye catching colours and designs.


Ribbons at one time were for the nobility and given as a special gift, they are now available to everyone which is wonderful as their eye catching colours and designs can transform a simple project into a really special one.Go on add a finishing flair to your project!

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  • Faye_Easter_045

    15mm Green Spotty Ribbon

    4.00 out of 5
  • Faye_Easter_040

    15mm Yellow Spotty Ribbon

  • Faye_Easter_039

    16mm Green and White Stripe Ribbon

  • Faye_Easter_034

    16mm Yellow Stripe Ribbon

  • Faye_Easter_041

    25mm Green Spotty Ribbon

    5.00 out of 5
  • Faye_Easter_051

    25mm Yellow Spotty Ribbon

  • Faye_Easter_050

    9mm Green and White Stripe Ribbon

  • Faye_Easter_042

    9mm Yellow Stripe Ribbon

  • Faye_Easter_047

    Chirpy-Chirpy, Chick Ribbon

  • Faye_Easter_044

    Colourful Bunting Ribbon

  • Faye_Easter_037

    Easter Egg and Easter Chick Ribbon

  • faye_square_-10010006

    Flutter-by Butterfly Ribbon