Lampshade making kits

Lampshade making kits

I am so pleased to have these lampshade making kits in stock. They are easy to make up and provide such a lot of flexibility as you can coordinate or contrast with your choice of fabric to make a real statement. They come in three different sizes, and they are suitable for both pendant and table lamp fittings. But the thing I love the most is that they are an affordable way to get a 100% bespoke lampshade.

We’ve made a few up and you are very welcome to pop into our haberdashery and see the size options and some fabric choices.

Faye and team xx

Lampshade making kits – what’s included?

We stock three sizes of the drum lampshade kits in 20cm, 30cm and 40cm diameters. Each kit includes everything you need (other than the fabric covering).

1 x Lampshade ring, epoxy coated
1 x Lampshade ring, epoxy coated with fitting
1 x Self-adhesive lampshade panel
1 x Roll self-adhesive tape
1 x Rolled Edge tool for finishing

Lampshade making kits – how much fabric do I need?

The kits are incredibly economical to make up:

20cm shades require 64.5cm x 22cm of fabric.

30cm shades require 97cm x 22.5cm of fabric.

40cm shades require 129.6cm x 29.8cm of fabric.

Lampshade making kits – top tips for putting a shade together

This is a really useful step by step tutorial video if you are creating a shade for the first time.

Our top tips are:

Make sure you take account of your pattern, it may need to be orientated differently for a table lamp and a pendant – plain fabrics make the top and bottom decisions less troublesome!

Take time over the rolled edge tucking-in process, it leads to a much neater finish if you work around the frames methodically and slowly.

Two sets of hands can be helpful as you fix the adhesive rings to your fabric – it can be easier to keep the rings snug to the edge of the panel.


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